My BeautyMNL Haul + Top Picks

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Hi Ladies! Few days ago, I posted on my BeautyMNL Shopping Experience (Read here) and how it caters to our beauty needs especially on those days we feel trapped in our respective beds. I mean seriously, it's raining frequently and who would want to sacrifice her outfit and shoes just to grab some products? 

Today, I'll be showing you the items that I got from BeautyMNL. Hooray for Online Shopping! ❤

These are the items that I grabbed: Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette | Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist Detail Eyeshadow Primer | Tresemme Styling Hairspray Extra Hold | Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil
Let's start off with:

1. Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette by Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is a Filipino beauty brand that offers high quality products. One of their highlights is that their products are free of parabens. To tell you honestly, I thought it's a foreign brand. The packaging is catchy in embossed zigzag print.

Net Weight : 12 g
Price: P 699

You get 10 gorgeous colors perfect for Day-to-night beauty looks.
Grab yours. Click Here!

The color payoff is nice and I love that this sweetie is a mix of matte and shimmer eye shadows. All colors are definitely wearable. 

2. Eye shadow Primer by Detail Make Over

In order to intensify the colors of my eye shadows, I also grabbed the Eye shadow Primer by Detail Make Over. Detail Make Over is a home-grown cosmetic line.

Net Weight: 9 grams
Price: P 180

Grab yours. Click Here!

The eye shadow is from my Pink Sugar Palette

As you can see, it enhanced the pigmentation of the eye shadow color. It can bring out the vibrancy of your eyeshadows.. Also, with the thick formula, it will make any eye makeup lasts longer.  It's a great steal for P 180.  

Detail Make Over is on Birthday Sale until July 31. Check them out!

3. Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil by DearBerry

Kilay is Life! It is believed that eyebrows are the important facial features because they're a feature of expression. Not only that, they define your facial structure. I'm actually a brow powder user, but I reached for this product so I can test if it is beginner friendly. The testing is for my wonderful Mom.

Moving on, this Eyebrow Pencil from a Korean cosmetic brand Dearberry comes with retractable brown pencil on one end and a spoolie brush on the other end. Retractable pencil means no need for a sharpener. Sounds great! 

Price: P 146

Grab yours. Click Here!

Waterproof, sweat-proof, smear-proof
4. Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist (Double Strength) by Skin Genie

What I love about BeautyMNL is their wide selection of skincare products. Mostly, from Filipino brands that you won't see that much in Malls.

Well, I realized that I've been using too much makeup and less on the skin care products. That realization included this Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist (Double Strength) in my cart.

This hydrating mist is said to be formulated with 99.8% certified aloe vera. This should explain the somewhat vinegar smell. Putting that aside, I love how it refreshes and hydrates my skin.

Price: P 200

Grab yours. Click Here!

5. Tresemme Styling Hairspray Extrahold

We are done with the makeup and skincare, now let's see what I got for Hair product. It's not always that the face gets all the attention. With that, I got myself a strong-hold hairspray for that salon finish hairstyle - that should complete that Plakada look.

You see, Tresemme is a popular and trusted brand when it comes to hair products. You can never go wrong with their products. 

Price: P 189
Net Weight: 75 g

Grab yours. Click Here!
This hairspray holds my hair without giving it an electrocuted look. I have used many hairspray before but it end up damaging my hair.But with this product, I can also redo it without making the curls crunchy.

That's it for my BeautyMNL haul! 

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BeautyMNL: My Shopping Experience ❤

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Shopping at the comfort of our homes is one of the best things this digital era offers. It's just a matter of few clicks that you get to choose from a wide variety of products and make a good purchase without hurting your feet. Indeed, an era of convenience and a little of no-time-to-mall. 

I have to admit that I'm one of those self-labeled "the busy women of the century" and an online beauty shop is an amazing tool to keep that vanity spirit well fed and alive. I already made different trips to different online stores and not all offers convenient shopping. 

So which online shop to go? Lo and behold, the perfect beauty site to spend a gloomy day - BeautyMNL! <3   It's the largest beauty destination in the Philippines and your one-stop-shop for all your beauty related needs. 
Check out BeautyMNL's website

Bloom Magazine is BeautyMNL's lifestyle section where you can find amazing articles, reviews, guides and tips on beauty.
As a practical woman (practicality is subjective), I read a lot of reviews before making a purchase that led me to their official magazine Bloom. This magazine is full of stories and articles on beauty that are helpful and trendy. That's when I get to explore BeautyMNL. And guess what? I was offered to experience their version of online shopping. Yey! How blessed, right? And who can resist shopping? I'm sure many of you do as well.

The Beauty Portal
BeautyMNL has lots of products to offer that I only discovered upon too much browsing. They offer a comprehensive selection of skincare, hair care and makeup products that some I haven't seen on the counters before like Skin Genie. The best part? They give you the BEST PRICE. Sweet.

These are the items that I grabbed: Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette | Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist | Detail Eyeshadow Primer | Tresemme Styling Hairspray Extra Hold | Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil

For those who have trouble choosing the right product or shade, there are reviews from real users to serve as your guide. You can also do others a favor by sharing your assessment. Honestly, I relied heavily on their review system, the reason for picking up the Eye Candy Palette and Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist. And hey, you don't get the to ask people around you for product evaluation when buying in a physical store.

If you're feeling trendy, best sellers are award stamped so you simply add them to your cart.

Order and Delivery System
Aside from Order Tracking, they will also keep you posted on any delay that may arise through email. Delays are inevitable. Well, I check both my personal and work email every now and then. This helped their customer care team with the unexpected delivery interruption. There was a slight hiccup in their site that enabled me to order a product that is unavailable. But boy, their team acts fast. They sent me an email on a Monday for some clarification and was able to ship the package the following day. You'll definitely get all the assistance you need. 
Another feature to love is the Order Tracking in your account. You won't be guessing delivery status with regards to the items you ordered. The status box will indicate if it's "processing" , "on it's way"  and "delivered".
As you can see from the photo above, I placed an order the night of June 29 (Thursday) and received it July 4 (Tuesday). 

Please be reminded that the delivery schedule runs from Mondays to Fridays only. There's no deliveries on weekends and holidays. 

The Goodies

As for the package, it came in a resealable bag with the fragile items bubble-wrapped.

What I love about BeautyMNL:
  • The website is easy to navigate and well-organized
  • Good Bargains, Best Deals and Rewards Programs
  • Different Modes of Payment such as Paypal, Credit Card and Bank Deposit.
  • Stress-free shopping with Email updates
  • Review and Articles that will help in choosing products catered by Bloom
Overall. They deliver an incredible shopping experience with exclusive deals, customer reviews and ratings, the ability to track order and so much more. These kinds of services causes the online-shopping trend to gain momentum at top speed. These should also gain your confidence to try online shopping. 

I'm happy with the whole experience with BeautyMNL especially with how they communicate with their customers. I can surely get all my beauty needs regardless of where and when. 

Ladies, now you know now where to translate that splurging urgency! And oh, sign up first. :) Thank you BeautyMNL for the opportunity to try your service! A Beauty Destination indeed. 

BeautyMNL's Website | Facebook | Instagram
Watch out! I'll be reviewing the products that I got. For the meantime, read some articles in their in-house magazine Bloom. They have daily fresh beauty news. :)

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Review: L'Oreal True Match Blur Ceam

4:05:00 AM

The Philippine weather seems to be a matter of prediction nowadays. There are days that you get hours of extreme heat followed by hours of rain and cold. What really stresses me is how high the temperature goes up. I go out most of the time to inspect projects/plants. And it's never convenient. Sewage Treatment Plants are usually locked up in basements of buildings. It's not only hot, it smells like thousand of rotten eggs.  

I won't be complaining too long. What I want to share with you is how my makeup survives throughout the day. 

One of the secrets to a long-wearing makeup look is Primer. I believe I have reviewed Quick FX No Shine Mattifier here, but let's see if we can find it a new competitor in L'Oreal True Match Blur Cream.

This product is said to give you that photoshop-ed look

THE PACKAGING. This primer comes in a white plastic 25-ml-capacity squeeze-tube with screw-on cap. The  The narrow nozzle however, is a little problem. The nozzle can disperse a lot of product so you have to be gentle in squeezing the tube. Despite being light-weight and sturdy, I won't really say I'll bring this to my trips. But I must say that the overall packaging is travel-friendly and functional. 

COVERAGE AND CONSISTENCY. The first thing that I noticed with this primer is that, unlike other primers, this has a tint. At first look, tinted moisturizer ba 'to? With the texture of course, not. L'Oreal True Match Blur Cream is silicon based. It creates a smooth surface and gives that selfie-ready skin! When I say smooth surface, it blurs out the fine lines and visible pores in an instant. Winner! 

OVERALL.  This product is LOVE! It's a primer and a blur cream in one. It did work wonders. Now, to answer the question if it defeats Quick FX as my daily primer? Yes, it does. I tested both products. The Quick FX tends to oil up faster covering a larger  area of my face after 3 hours as compared to today's featured product. However, economically speaking and for those on budget, grab the Quick FX as it works great too without hurting the bank. 

Thank you for reading :">


Review: New 36H L'Oreal Super Liner

7:41:00 PM

A Feline flick eyeliner style is made for different reasons. This style gives an eye lift, adds intensity to the eye and elongates the eye. Not everybody wants that dramatic or catchy eye makeup look, but you never know, one of these days you might consider giving a pop to that gorgeous eyes . 

With that said, I am introducing to you L'Oreal's Super Liner Gel Intenza. What you can read from the box is that the product is a 36-hour wear and waterproof. Sounds amazing, right? Let's see what this baby has to offer.

THE PACKAGING. For P 400, you get a 2.8 grams of product in a lightweight glass jar and a usable brush. There's product details at the bottom of the jar that indicates its shade , product code etc.

At the side of the box, you get your beginner's instruction.

Step 1: Dip tip of Gel Intenza Eyeliner Brush into formula and tissue off excess
Step 2: Apply in delicate strokes and glide eyeliner across lash line from inner to outer corner.
Step 3: Extend, thicken line and wing-out for more intensity

Let's proceed to the promises presented at the back of the box. Title is in bold "36H long hold waterproof eyeliner"

  • Intense color result | intense line | dramatic eye look
  • 36H long wear | waterproof | smudgeproof: resist sweat, tears and sebum
  • Super smooth gel texture | easy gliding on eyes | super long stay makeup result
  • Easy to use: quickly dry formula | perfect application with the high precision brush
  • Easy to remove with eye makeup remover
The shade Profound Black gives a rich dark-jet black color. The formula gives that excellent pigmentation visible in one stroke. 

COVERAGE AND CONSISTENCY. It has a satin finish and an extremely creamy texture which makes it easy to apply and create that perfect winged liner look. It's water proof, quite long lasting, doesn't crack or migrate to other areas, and wears comfortably.

Not only that, I'm impressed with the endurance of the product. It' perfect for late nights, intense activities or for events that you need to be all dolled up.

OVERALL.  It's a great product to invest to. Did it live up to its claims? Well, not everybody wears makeup for 36H, unless of course you fell asleep with your makeup on or you need to be under a spotlight in some event. This is a must-have in your collection. However, if you're not a gel liner person or you're not into feline-flick eyeliners, this will come a bit pricey. If price tag isn't an issue, go invest.

Thank you for reading :">


Review: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

5:47:00 AM

Of course, anyone would love to own a concealer that is not only budget friendly, but also gives a long lasting and great coverage. This new concealer by Maybelline is definitely stealing the spotlight from the highly raved LA girl HD concealer. And you want to know why? Scroll down for details! :)
I got myself Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Sand priced at P 299.00

THE PACKAGING. The product is packaged in a long and slim plastic tube . The cap is attached to a doe foot applicator. I actually find it unhygienic to put the applicator back in the tube. However, with little amount of product, it will only last for about half a year or maybe less.

COVERAGE AND CONSISTENCY.The shade, sand is perfect as eye brightener. I usually apply it on top of my foundation and makes my dark circles look less tired. A small amount of product can provide even up to medium coverage. In addition to that, it stays put in long hours with minimal creasing. There was a time wherein my foundation was already creasing, but the concealer is still intact. Lastly, it has a build-able coverage.

OVERALL.  This product is definitely a steal. A beauty. It's pretty decent for its price.

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drugstore foundation

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation* (updated)

4:12:00 AM

Maybelline extended their sale until January 31. I've been picking up a lot of stuff from their counter and today's review is one of their best products. It's been quite some time that I've been forcing my Loreal Lumi and  their newest true match liquid foundation to work on me. Sadly, it won't really cooperate and it slides off after some time. 

On a recent trip in Trinoma, I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. The shade I got is 125 Nude Beige.

Maybelline says,
Foundation for normal and oily skin.
  • Mattifies and refines pores
  • Matches natural tone
  • Natural seamless finish

THE PACKAGING. The foundation comes in a glass bottle. It has no pump so you may end up pouring out everything at the back of your hand. You have to be careful with this one. What I do is to shake it first so upon opening, I can scoop out good amount around the mouth of the bottle.

COVERAGE AND CONSISTENCY. . In terms of consistency, the product is build-able and gives a good amount of coverage. Though you have to bear in mind that while it builds up to medium, it cannot hide those huge pores. It can only minimize. giving that flawless looking finish. Actually, my skin doesn't look good with all the acne marks and redness around my nose, but this product blows me away by faking it. 

What I love about this product is that it lasts up to 6 hours. Again, I have an oily skin and 6 hours of good makeup is like black magic.What sorcery is this? Well, I know there are lots of girls out there who were disappointed with this product. I will just want to inform you that I am using a primer as well as setting spray alongside of it. 

I got three shades namely Classic Ivory 120, Nude Beige 125, and Sand Beige 310

OVERALL. This wears beautiful on the skin. And believe me, my sister has a terrible skin and it works wonder on her. With good staying power, genius blurring micro-powder that minimizes pores, and natural matte pore-less finish, It's a decent product!

Will I purchase again? Yes. Absolutely.

Thank you for reading :">


Review: Nichido Press Powder

10:41:00 PM

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I'll be reviewing Nichido Pressed Powder. For the past few days, I've been testing out different foundations. Some of them are not long-lasting. But of course powders can do the trick. They go directly on top of your foundation to maximize longevity. They are designed to set and mattify makeup so I went out to look for a product that will, too, override my oily skin. So last week, I bought the Nichido pressed powder.

According to the sales lady, this is a good oil control product. For 100 pesos, it's definitely worth a try. However, after 2-3 hours, the powder slides off my T-zone. And No, I'm not willing to blot every now and then. 

It comes in a sturdy blue sleek compact with a huge mirror. The box description goes,  "A fine textured, matte finish pressed powder that makes your skin looks smooth, natural and flawless. Perfect for touch-ups."

When I swatched this powder, I was amazed of its pigmentation. It provides a matte finish that is good with foundations that are dewy. Though coverage is really nice, I find it chalky and cannot control oil. Nakaka enhance pa ng eyebags.

Sadly, as opposed to those who gave this product a hype, I don't like it.
Thank you for reading :">

review of revlon

Review: Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

11:59:00 PM

The first time I saw this lip product, I instantly assumed that it's a liquid lipstick. So yes, the beautiful packaging made me skip the reading part. 

Today I'll be reviewing Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in shade 010 LA Exclusive. The Moisture stain promises the hydration of a balm, shininess of a gloss and pigmentation of a stain. I love all the three promises, but the last one I doubt. 

I've read a lot of great hypes for this product so I grabbed one. Actually, it was not something that you will love at first swatch. Parang sayang pera. And I thought that I got the wrong shade for the nth time. The pigmentation isn't intense and I find the staining power minimal. However, after months of using it, I found it great for daily wear. The light color, moisture and hydration is all there. But if you are the type that is after that Pak-na-pak look. This won't work for you.

I use this baby only when I do super smokey eyes. It tones down the fierce look. Also, if i'm going out to pick up something in the market. 

It's really a good product if you want your lips to look hydrated. I bought it for P 250 instead of the original price that is P 625. If this on a regular price, i believe it is not worth buying.  XD

Net weight: 8 ml

Wide petal applicator.

I like the packaging and the hydration it gives. Do I love it? If they will keep selling this for P 250, then it will be worth it. 

Thank you for reading :">

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