REVIEW: L.A Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup

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L.A Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup (P231). I wanted to try products from L.A Girl Cosmetic line so i bought the Perfecting Liquid Make Up in Natural. As stated in the cover, it is oil free with vitamins C & E - which is great for oily/combination skin.

Its pump

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  • Light to medium coverage.
  • Matte. 
  • If you're going to an air conditioned room or somewhere cold then i'll say "Yes, you may use this". It does give that obviously makeup manipulated doll-look (if that is what they mean by glowing perfection). Personally, i think it's okay to look like you did prepared to go out. 
  • According to the sales lady, all the products manufactured from this cosmetic line are all mineral - so thumbs up. XD 
  • Sale for P231! Awesome deal.
  • Dries fast so you should be very quick in blending or applying.
  • After 3 hours, i have to retouch or put on powder because my t-zone starts to get oily (combination skin).
  • For those who sweats a lot, this product isn't for you. It tends to get washed out and is very obvious since it cakes together with the sweat. I tried covering it with a two-way cake foundation and setting it with a final powder but it just didn't work. The product still washes out with sweat or water. 
  • I have a problem with the pump. It spits the foundation so you should be very careful in pressing.
  • Price if not sale is P462 for 29.5 ml.
Will i repurchase? Maybe. I like the coverage it gives under cold conditions. Since most of the time it's hot, i don't think this one is recommendable. Basically, it depends on the weather.

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  1. Have you tried L.A. lippies? I heard the scent is great plus the pigmentation of those lippies is good.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  2. Is this still available in L.A. girl kiosks here in thE Philippines?

  3. Is this still available in L.A. girl kiosks here in thE Philippines?


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